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Magazine Cover Flash PhotoSharing our knowledge, opinions, and experiences with others is one of the most valuable ways we connect with each other.  That's why we appreciate your time and commitment investigating and reporting on all that the Band Specialist has to offer, and sharing that information with your readers and viewers. We know your opinion counts!

Over the years, we've enjoyed making many connections with TV personalities, journalists, bloggers, and writers who wanted to know more about the Band Specialist. We are continually overwhelmed and encouraged by the positive reviews, and are grateful for the chance to make life better for new moms everywhere. It's exciting to be a pioneer in bringing the traditional method of belly wrapping into a modern and life-changing practice.

We believe in our products and are proud to share them with readers and viewers.

By signing up today, you will be one of the select members of our media contacts to receive press releases and information about all of our products and services. As a Band Specialist press member, you will have access to quality graphics, high-resolution photos, logos, product samples, news, research and fact-finding reports, testimonials, and more. You will also benefit from up-to-date reports on scientific discoveries in the field of pregnancy wrapping as we participate in clinical observational trials and field-testing.

We want to make it easy. We value your time and willingness to spread the word!
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