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Which Band is Ideal for Me?

If you are still pregnant and in your 2nd-early 3rd trimester, we suggest you can buy either Atlas Combo 2-IN-1 Pregnancy band that transitions into a complete 360 postpartum band or Get a Atlas Pregnancy Band-Cinch Tummy Band Combo if you or someone you love would like to spoil you.  If you are almost due or just had your baby via natural or c-section, choose Signature Cinch combo to help get you back in shape naturally and easily.  If you are a mom who had last given birth 3 months, 1 year or even 5 years, we suggest you choose Cinch Couture to help you tone and support your midsection and back during your workouts.  As an adjunct to looking good and feeling confident, be sure to check our Clothing collection that has hidden Cinchette features at the waistline to help you stay tone and firm throughout the day. 

Atlas is Ideal for moms in their 2nd - early 3rd Trimester.

What is Atlas Band?

Atlas is an affordable 2-IN-1 pregnancy band that transitions into a complete postpartum band, back support, plus hip shaper.  Atlas has 4 Functions in 1 Band.   Comes in 3 sizes and 2 colors (nude & lavender).

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Cinch Tummy Wrap is ideal for moms after natural & C-section delivery

What is Cinch Tummy Wrap?

The Cinch Wraps are the ultimate postpartum wrap, back support, plus hip shaper.

Signature Cinch- Ideal for New Moms right after delivery or after abdominal surgery. It has a front pocket to hold a cold/warm compress and even wider/stronger elastic wings for more support.  It is not bulky and does not roll.  The Cold/Warm compress is to help sooth achy belly and fasten healing.  It helps with circulation and decrease cramping during the first 2-3 weeks after natural or c-section delivery.    Comes in only cool grey.
Couture Cinch- Ideal for new moms 3 + plus months post baby. Sleeker version of Signature Cinch with all of the benefits just without the pocket and slightly narrower elastic side wings.   Comes in only nude.

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