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 Cinch Essentials FAQs

1.    What makes Cinch Essentials different?

We are the original creators of postpartum collection wear with dual sizing features that are designed to flatter a mom’s new body. Cinch Essentials effortlessly transitions from maternity wear to flattering postpartum fashion.

2.    What are the hidden features in these products?

In every Cinch Essential piece, we have incorporated hidden trademarked details and features that enhance the figure such as Rolls Control, Cinchette, Safety Knet and Power Mesh.

3.    What is the idea behind Cinch Essentials?

There's a philosophy to our clothing lines. We want to make all new moms look and feel great - from the first moment the baby bump appears, all the way through the recovery phase after baby. Our clothing addresses the desire for women to maintain a slimmer look and feel, while combining comfort and elegance in a single garment. Each collection creates flattering lines strategically tailored to a women’s body - smoothing the waistline, providing additional support at the bust, and featuring a more generous cut through the hip.

4.    Can I buy your Cinch Essentials and wear it throughout my pregnancy?

Our Cinch Essentials are made with breathable and stretchy materials that are generous around the chest, waist and hip area. Each piece helps to conceal and hide the bumps and rolls for a smoother, flattering look. Ultimately buying in your size should allow you to wear your garment through your first trimester and after your baby is born during recovery.

5.    What size Cinch Essentials should I buy?

Because of the dual sizing of Cinch Essentials, if you wear a size six for instance, you should buy our size six-eight to allow you to expand to a size bigger during your first trimester. After your baby is born, you can still fit in it. When you wear your Cinch Tummy Wrap under our Cinch Essentials, it will be very hard for anyone to tell you've just had a baby!

 6.    I've heard your pants are different from others on the market. What makes them different?

Our bottoms have our trademarked Cinchette built into the waist. The waistband has 1-2” of elasticity so you can have breathing room. The front waist panel is strategically tailored to help make your tummy appear flatter. Hidden waist compression also allows for tummy roll control. The quality of the flexible fabric moves and breathes with you increasing your comfort as well as your appearance.

7.    Where can I find your collections?

Currently, we are introducing our lines to our retail stores. You can also order online on the Band Specialist website.

8.    Will you be adding more clothing lines and accessories in the future?

Yes! One of our goals here at the Band Specialist is to introduce products that fit well with our philosophy. We are always interested in discovering or creating quality items that help motivate, and enhance new moms' lives. We believe that moms are the heart of the family. Our goal is to support and encourage healthy, happy moms who in turn support their healthy, happy families.