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"I'm only 5'2" so I needed something that I would not have to fold. The Cinch is a perfect fit. It is also very comfortable. It has velcro all the way around and does not stay bended...The size is adjustable, and you only have to buy one item. Instead of two, which was a comment on the other postpartum wrap. Overall, I am quite happy with this product. It has helped me regain my figure and improve my posture."
- E. Ramirez, Amazon customer
"I LOVE LOVE this belt. My belly was really big during my second pregnancy, considering I didn't get to loose the belly after the first. I have two daughters, I am skinny but for some reason my belly was HUGE during those two pregnancies (especially the second one, as if I had twins). So after the second baby my belly still looked like I was 5 months pregnant after the first baby. When I tried this belt on, it was as if I never had a baby before. I was able to wear my prepregnancy sweaters and cinched shirts. Everyone told me that I had a flatter tummy like it was before the girls."
- Eva, Amazon customer
"I bought this a while back right after I had my baby. It was not painful to wear even after a c section. The Cinch under the Spanx is a PERFECT combo!!!!! I am beyond thrilled with the way it looks. I look like I lost about 20 pounds when I wear it and you can't tell it's on!!!!!"
- Roxi, Amazon customer
"It works! No more 'mama belly' when I wear my jeans! And it's adjustable so as my belly goes down I can make the band smaller."
- Jenn, Amazon customer