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Real Moms talk about Cinch Continued...

"I finally order The Cinch. I like how adjustable it is..."
- K. Sakas, BabyCenter member
"I ordered The Cinch a couple weeks ago and typed in the code "cinchit" and received $12 off. I'm not sure how long the code lasts, but it's worth a try! I can't wait to try mine out and I think it is great that it adjusts to your shrinking waist! Another reason I went with The Cinch..the other postpartum wraps didn't seem to fit such a wide margin and I couldn't figure out what size to buy. On The Cinch, you can also attach the side panels at an angle so it adjusts perfectly to your curves."
- Cutie NYC, BabyCenter member
"I just got The Cinch, it's AWESOME! It's really great's easy to adjust and put on, it stays in place nicely (I was worried about that since I have big hips, my measurements prepregnancy were 34-26-40 so stuff like that tends to ride up and scrunch up, but this one doesn't at all, plus I can even adjust it so the Velcro is a little crooked and therefore makes it wider on the bottom so that's definitely great for us girls with wide hips and big butts...) The Velcro on the outside lets you adjust it nicely after putting it on, I can sit with it comfortably (makes you sit up nice and straight, lol). I am definitely very happy I spent the money on it."
- Cutie NYC, BabyCenter member
"I personally hardly feel it at all. It's not like it's somebody squeezing you or anything, it just nicely tucks everything and gives you a better shape. I hate my muffin top and my tummy where it looks like just flab hanging. Until I'm satisfied with working out results, I'm going to continue to wear The Cinch. It's breathable too so I find I don't sweat. I thought it would be really hot and bulky, but it's not."
- Baby Gaga Forum Member
"Hey ladies, it's I think around the $90 mark but I didn't mind buying it since it worked. I thought if I hated it I would give it back, but since I don't, I wear it almost every day."
- Baby Gaga Forum Member
"I used The Cinch Tummy Wrap. It's the only adjustable tummy wrap that was designed be a medical professional who understands how a body works. Rather than buying two postpartum wraps, you can buy ONE Cinch and adjust it as you lose your weight. They have a Couture Cinch as well to wear once you are back to work, or out in the world that is slim and lingerie-inspired and can be worn under clothing."
- Rachel
"I also used The Cinch Tummy Wrap and found it a superior alternative to other postpartum wraps on the market, as it offered 360 degrees of support and it really focused on the abdominal section of my stomach by tightening the muscles with the dual front panels and further cinching my waist with double side wings. Not to mention, The Cinch itself is light-weight, comfortable and is designed with excellent moisture control material.

My favorite features (other postpartum wraps on the market do not have these) that truly differentiates this tummy wrap from others on the market are the inner front pocket that allows for a cold/warm or aromatic pack for relaxation and the internal tape measure to track your progress – so I not only felt the results, but I could also see my waistline shrinking!"
- Katheryn Zakskorn