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Real Moms talk about Cinch Continued...

"A good while back, I read some really amazing things about The Cinch and since this is my 2nd pregnancy (I've heard it's not as easy for your stomach to "bounce back" as it was after a first pregnancy) I went ahead and ordered one. I got it about a month ago and it's sitting in my closet ready and waiting.

After I ordered it, I was folding it around myself and suddenly thought, 'Wait. Could this effect my recovery this safe? Should I be wrapping my middle up so tight so soon after giving birth?? Will this effect the healing process? Will my uterus be able to 'get back' into it's normal position with this thing on?' and other questions like that. I went online to read about any negatives about such wrapping techniques and if there are any dangers and found some forums where there were midwives claiming that it isn't good for your body.

Well, we all know that we cannot trust anything we read in forums or any other website where the public posts information and declares that it's "the truth", so, I went to my doctor about it.

I described it to her, what you do with it, what it looks like, everything, and asked if it could possibly hurt anything at all. Long answer short, no. She decribed the practices of patients of hers who are Indian and Asian who have been wrapping their waists for centuries and how it cannot hurt the healing of things. She said the only way it could is if you had it wrapped it so tight, where it would be uncomfortable to the point of where you had trouble breathing. I assured her I would not even try to wrap it that tight and she said, 'Go for it!'

So, my reservations are out the window and I'm looking forward to taking inches off my waist a lot faster after my pregnancy! I plan to start wrapping after getting back home."

- Mothers Click
"I get asked on a daily basis, both online and offline, how I bounced back so fast, and with full term twins to boot. I attribute 5% of it to luck, and 95% to your product 'The Cinch', which was bought for me as a gift, by my wonderful husband, (He found you online himself, in the last weeks of my pregnancy). I'm not a celebrity with personal trainers, etc., so that makes it even more impressive to people, so I wanted to write you about this. So many people I meet while I am out, are interested in my story, and knowing what I used. They can't believe I just had twins, they think I'm the nanny, or a relative. It's quite funny!"
- Michelle
"Thanks for the tips! We have the practice of engaging specialist confinement nannies who look after us and the newborn baby for 1-3 months post-birth and my nanny has been feeding me a steady stream of 2-3 soups every day and I've been drinking nothing but a special tea made of red dates and logan and a herb called 'dang gui'. Its also usual practice not to shower (but I did- couldn't stand the feeling of being dirty) and when we do, to bathe using some herbal concoction. There's a Malay massage lady who comes over to do hour-long massages every day to prevent water retention and she'll start binding me every day as well once the gynae gives the green light.
So besides the fact that I love the packaging and the detailed instructions- I just started wearing the grey Signature Cinch postpartum wrap today as well because my gyno says I'm recovering very well- its now Day 7 post-op and I'm finally able to zip The Cinch as my belly has finally shrunk enough. And can I tell you just how thrilled I am that I look, thanks to The Cinch holding it all in, like I have a waist again?? I was out buying some groceries on day 5 post-op and someone actually asked me if I was pregnant, wanting to sell me a product for pregnant women. My poor husband who was next to me couldn't have been more horrified. There's really nothing more depressing than looking pregnant when one is not. That's actually my favorite part about The Cinch besides the fact that it doesn't look like a simple product- the fabric looks luxe and the various sections makes one truly feel that one is paying for more than a strip of stretchy cloth."
- Shuming