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Real Moms talk about Cinch Continued...

"I tried The Cinch and it was a lot better than the other postpartum wraps. It actually stayed in place much better. I loved the packaging too, it was very nice. I am using it as part of "How I got my groove back after baby", I thought I would give it some time. I am going to discuss The Cinch, the exercise DVDs, eating plan, etc."
- Carin
"My boyfriend decided to order me The Cinch as a birthday gift. I didn't have the heart to tell him that i had already ordered it for myself! :( He was so excited to get it for me because i really wanted it. I ordered The Cinch postpartum wrap on the 25th and it arrived a few days later. I opened it and was so excited! It looks so beautiful! He does not know however that that is The Cinch I ordered for myself. My plan was to get both Cinches in the mail and return the unopened one (the one he had ordered). I think your product looks great and i can't wait to use it!"
- Alex
"The Cinch is firm but flexible and doesn’t roll up. The Cinch is fully adjustable and you can even accommodate wider hips."
- Katie
"I bought one that is short and got warped very easily. I will go for The Cinch."
- Katie
"I ended up ording The Cinch. It seemed to get better reviews.”"
- UmYusuf
"The Cinch doesn’t roll up. It’s a bit more pricey but seems worth it. I am planning on having more kids so it’s an investment piece for me. So many mothers I know swear by it and they all have great figures. Wish I had known about this before too!!!!"
"I am leaning towards The Cinch so I don’t have to get more than one."
"I just ordered The Cinch yesterday. I‘d been wavering between that and the other famous brand. What ultimately made me choose The Cinch were the complaints about the other brand being particularly uncomfortable for short-waisted ladies. Also, while The Cinch was more expensive, I felt better about the sizing. I’ve heard some comments that an ACE bandage will do the same thing for a lot less money, but at the least I looked at this as an investment. If I only spend $80 for this, and can get back into my old clothes sooner, than I wont be spending a few hundred on a bigger summer wardrobe."
"It is a great invention, I can wear it all day long. My belly looks amazing after two kids – no stretch marks."
- Mary, 2 kids, youngest is 1 1/2 years
"I can't believe my results. It's easy to use and I can wear it under any clothes."
- Sandy, 5 months post pregnancy
"My friends are jealous of my stomach now! And not only does my stomach look great but it’s also wonderful back support.."
- Amy, 2 kids, youngest is 1 year
"My son is 7 months old and I just started to use The Cinch postpartum wrap 3 weeks ago. I lost 2" from my waist. I was a 33" and now I am 31". It is very comfortable and easy to wear. I wear it everywhere I go: I exercise with it and the best part of all is I can even sleep with it."
- Angelica