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"For new moms, losing that baby weight can be a downright challenge, as time for mom flies right out the window as a newborn's needs take precedence! Between feedings every 2 hours and multiple diaper changes to midnight coos and snuggles – getting that tummy back to its pre-pregnancy shape suddenly doesn't seem as important. Until about 3 months later, when the fog has lifted and a routine has started to be established. It is then that moms start to look down and say, 'oh yeah... about that...'

Now there is a revolutionary product available to combat the belly blues – the Couture Cinch! Sleek in design and lingerie-inspired, this patent-pending postpartum stomach wrap tightens the abdominal muscles with a full 360-degrees support. For those moms whose stomach muscles have separated due to pregnancy, this extra support will be very welcome in the weeks after birth. The Couture Cinch features adjustable panels that shrink with your waistline with just a single wrap. No more muffin tops!"
- T. Johnson, Lady And The Blog Author
"Like most new moms, after the arrival of your beautiful baby you are on cloud nine with an undeniable sense of love. Until you notice that postpartum bulge.

There's some help on the way with The Cinch, an abdominal wrap designed to help suck in your midsection and regain your waistline. It's like a girdle only softer, way more comfy and with just the right amount of support to remind you how to properly hold your core, post-baby. And it works similarly to how Spanx works — seemingly taking off pounds just by wearing the appropriate under-garment.

Simple, adjustable elastic straps allow for the right fit — you can really tighten The Cinch to suck it in a lot, or keep it at modest tension (which still seems to do the trick too). Wear The Cinch while hanging out in the comforts of home or under loose garments (like a dress) during the day. It can go undetected; I tried wearing it at work for a full day and nobody caught on.

It's made with a nylon-polyester-Spandex fabric that's lightweight, breathable, and really smooth (no bulk!). It's not the most comfortable thing to suck in your gut all day with a wrap around your core, but it really does help you retrain your stomach muscles and focus on getting back your pre-pregnancy waistline."
- Amy, Moms&Babies Author, People
"The Cinch is an abdominal wrap that is designed to help you shrink your belly post-pregnancy. It's beautifully designed and well made. The pros of The Cinch are:

• Adjustable (wide size ranges so you're not likely to grow out of the one you get even if you loose a bunch of weight). Also includes a built-in measurement guide so you can track your progress over time
• Provides a great support post-pregnancy – including for c-sections; support provided is much more than other products on the market
• Does not fold over at the ends while you are wearing it – stays put
• Includes a pouch which you can use to hold hot or cold packs
• Very cool packaging and nice look"
- Comalley, Moms Uncensored Author
"New Moms or moms-2 be this is one product you better be sure to add to your wish list. The Cinch by Cirqulate is an easy way to get your stomach looking flatter faster. The best part? You don't have to do any work. My son is 10 months old, I tried Cinch out for one week and I swear I can tell a difference."
- Now What Baby
"I LOVE IT. I also love the packaging - you didn't skimp at all and we love that! You absolutely have our seal."
- OC Mamma
"The Cinch will have post-baby bellies everywhere rejoicing! It is amazingly soft and not itchy at all. What I like most about The Cinch postpartum wrap is that it molds to your body and curves unlike other products that are basically a rectangle. The Cinch actually performs as promised."
- Jolly Mom