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"I look so good in my clothes, better than before I was ever pregnant. Overall, the product fit well and left a nice sleek look to whatever I wore. Also, it is easy to adjust if necessary throughout the day.

This is an excellent product with all the details covered. The Cinch offers incredible support in just the right area of your belly after having a baby. I wear it for special occasions and it gives me a waistline that I never could have dreamed about having after children. The support is so great because it goes all the way up the sides so that there are no unslightly folds of skin!

The belt was so comfortable. I have purchased others (cheaper) and I have to say having worn this one...there is no comparison. Sometimes one is wary of spending so much money but I can say with confidence that I would purchase this one in a heartbeat. There is no contest between this one and a cheaper brand I already own. The touch of the fabric, the fit and the durability is much better."
-iParenting Media Reviews
"There's a retro-trend back to wrapping after pregnancy. The coolest version we've seen lately is the Cinch postpartum belly wrap by Cirqulate, whose entire collection is geared toward hiding belly pooge during those awkward postpartum months."
-Stroller Traffic
"If you have recently had a baby (or want the lines of your dress to fall smoothly), try a postpartum belly wrap that helps create curves (while erasing bumps). We love "The Cinch" wrap from Cirqulate, because it not only adjusts to a woman's shrinking shape (and hold in her belly), but features a measuring system inside that lets new mommas follow their progress after baby."
-Makeover Mama
"People love [the Cinch]. It is more contoured to the female figure that some other products on the market like it...It is narrower in back and wider in front, allowing for a waist and designed specifically to control the portion of your body you want controlled after pregnancy. It is also less bulky than it looks, and doesn't create a muffin top."
-Sarah Pollack of Mom’s the Word