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I asked Anna if she feels pressure to fit back into her skimpy ballroom costumes and she says, “Nope! but I’m getting help. I was fortunate enough to get The Cinch Tummy Wrap. It’s really helped me because even though I didn’t work out at all the first 6 weeks, I actually lost a lot of the inches and I was able to get into my bigger-sized jeans. You know, how every woman has 3 different sized of jeans in her closet, just in case? It’s taken a lot of the pressure off of me to get back into shape.” I had never heard of this so she explained, “The Cinch is based on a very old tradition in a lot of countries, to do binding after women give birth. The idea behind it is that everything in your body has been so stretched out that you need to help get it back together. The gentle compression helps put your looseness and your organs back where they need to be. I can even sleep in it, which is a lot more comfortable than the old-fashioned way, where you bind yourself and keep it on for a few weeks.”